yoga with achim

c/Churruca 12, Madrid / Metro Tribunal o Bilbao (

Lunes de 20h a 21:30h/Miercoles de 19h a 20:30h/Martes y Jueves de 14:30h a 16h/Viernes de 11h a 12:30h. (Talleres puntuales de 2h en sábado de 11h a 13h)

Monday from 20h to21:30h/Wednesday 19h to 20:30h/Tuesday & Thursday 14:30 to 16h/Friday 11h to 12:30h. (workshops of 2h on Saturdays from 11h to 13h, to be announced)

The schedule has to be coordinated with achim’s concert agenda.

If you are interested, please let a message

Dynamic Yoga (the Training Method) is based on sensitivity and guided by softness. It allows anyone to unite body, mind and spirit through effortless action. No matter what your age, experience, flexibility or strength it can bring you to a satisfying intimacy with your nature that flowers in a total trust in life.

Dynamic means in this context ‘not static’ (in contrast to ‘agitated’) in all possible aspects.

Yoga has no goal. It is not about what you can do, but about what you can feel.

Yoga is not a physical fitness system. It is not a religion, a cult, a New Age fad. It requires no strange beliefs: no blind faith. There is no need for penance, confession, humiliation or self-denial. It is not a way of life with a predetermined set of values and conventions. You do not need to burn incense or wear prayer beads. You do not need to give up onions, meat, tobacco, alcohol, sex or money.

Achim got the teacher certificate from Godfrey Devereux in summer 2016.

He finds himself every day on the yoga mat to practise dynamic yoga and somatic meditation.

You are invited to help achim share this delicious practise of Dynamic Yoga (see also Godfrey Devereux, founder of the Dynamic-Yoga-Method) through the classes he is offering.

Also look out for Sergio Teodosio.